Braves Acquire Robinson Cano

July 11: John Heyman of the New York Post tweets that the Braves are intending to add Kano to the program in front of their series against Kano’s previous Mets partners.

July 10: Infielder Robinson Kano is obtained from Padres for strong money thought, reports Kevin Assi of the San Diego Union-Tribune (Twitter interface).

Subsequent to being delivered by the Mets in May, Canoe before long marked a significant association manages the Padres, yet was delivered again after the group’s solicitation to move to Triple-A was dismissed. Cano’s accomplished status has given him the option to pick a free organization, yet subsequent to looking at his choices in the open market, he has re-marked a small-time manage,ment San Diego.

Since answering to El Paso in Triple, Cano has hit well by posting the .333/.375/.479 cut line within the sight of 104 plates. Albeit clearly the small-time setting (and radiator well-disposed climate) should be considered, Kano’s presentation shows that there is as yet something left in his tank at 39 years old, and the suspension Kano is as it were .149/.182 in the wake of missing the whole 2021 season because of a PED. /.189 batted in 77 overs this season at the MLB level with the Padres and Mets joined PA.

Their preferred Braves clearly saw something and will currently take Kano back to the NL East to check whether he can resuscitate his vocation. Atlanta has fabricated the expertise to prevail upon gold the striving veterans, and it was just a year prior that the club chose various players, (for example, Eddie Rosario, George Solar, Jock Pederson, Adam Duval) who powered their race world title. As poor as Kano took a gander at the beginning of this season in New York, Mets fans should be somewhat terrified to see Kano out of nowhere burst into flames and assist Atlanta with overwhelming the Mets in the NL East.

Atlanta is meager on left-given injury, and there is an opportunity in the respectable halfway point as Oz Albis will be out until essentially mid-August while recuperating from foot a medical procedure. On paper, a kayak is a fascinating unit that places right-gave hitter Orlando Arsia in a respectable halfway point, and another right-given pleasure-seeker in the hitter designated by Marcel Ozuna.

It wasn’t excessively quite a while in the past that Cano was as yet perhaps of the most startling batsman in the game, as he posted .896 OPS over 182 PA for the Mets in the short 2020 season. While his positive PED test unavoidably raises serious questions about those numbers, there isn’t a lot of hazards to see which commitment he can go with to Atlanta’s decision of kayak. With o 24MM owed to Cano for the 2022 season, the Braves should cover an extent of the MLB the lowest pay permitted by law once Cano arrives at the dynamic program, with the Mariners ($ 3.75MM) and the Mets covering the rest.

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