Ewan McGregor thinks he knows why the Star Wars prequels were panned

Ewan McGregor shares his hypothesis on why the Star Wars prequels were panned by pundits.
In another meeting with GQ UK, the entertainer — who as of late reprised his job as Obi-Wan Kenobi onscreen interestingly beginning around 2005 in the Disney Plus series Jedi — proposed that those entrusted with auditing the set of three just “didn’t get it.” What did they assume they planned to do?

“I think the pundits needed to think they were seven or eight once more,” McGregor made sense of, considering the negative gathering of The Phantom Menace and its two subsequent meet-ups.

“So I kept that [feedback] for a seriously lengthy timespan, and it was [until I started] meeting people, and I comprehended how huge our films are to them.
“Most importantly, all we heard was the essential side of things,” he investigated. “Those were the primary voices I heard, and they weren’t appreciated.

I respect George for attempting to accomplish something else with them. He didn’t simply embark to make three more Star Wars motion pictures that felt like the firsts. I regard him for that.

Set decade after the occasions of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi is caught by the title legend as he finds Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. In a little while, notwithstanding, Obi-Wan winds up caring for Leia Organa, as the pair attempt to get away from the grasp of Anakin Skywalker, presently Darth Vader.

Spilling on Disney Plus is currently accessible. While it’s muddled whether a subsequent season is on the cards, the show has ignited excitement for a couple of side projects, predominantly based on Reva and Darth Vader – and you can peruse our thinking for the last option here. While we sit tight for more news, look at the impending Star Wars motion pictures and shows as of now underway.

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