Fifa-Messi-Argentina: Messi will not enter the field in the blue-white jersey against Poland

Argentina will play against Poland in the last match of the group in the World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022) on Wednesday. Lionel Messi’s side, who have three points from two matches, must win this match to advance to the knockout stages. But on Wednesday night, Messi will not be seen in the familiar blue-white jersey.

Instead, Maradona will wear the purple jersey of the country’s players. However, since the announcement about changing the color of this jersey, there has been a lot of discussion on social media. Some think it’s normal, saying it doesn’t matter what color the jersey is, and others wonder why, given that Messi’s country plays its best in blue and white jerseys. A supporter of Argentina demanded again, why Poland is not changing the jersey, why only change Argentina?

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The whole world saw Messi’s amazing game in the second match of the World Cup, but as a result of the defeat in the first match, there is no guarantee of a knockout. In the meantime, Messi’s country will play in a new jersey, but in such a situation, only time will tell whether the jersey will be won or not.

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