Fifa World Cup 2022: Morocco team’s victory celebration with fans singing and dancing

This is the first time such an incident has occurred in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Morocco defeated Spain on Tuesday and entered the quarterfinals. This season, Morocco has shown their magic by beating strong teams like Belgium and Croatia. Fans were already hopeful of a Morocco win on Tuesday. So when the Moroccan players returned to the hotel after winning the match, there was great excitement and frenzy among the Moroccan fans. The Moroccan players were celebrating the victory in rhythm with the fans outside the hotel.

Hundreds of fans have been waiting outside the hotel since the match ended on Tuesday. As soon as the players get off the bus, there is immediate excitement among the fans. Hakimir got off the bus and saw the Moroccan fans outside the hotel, they also joined in the joy. Then the Moroccan players celebrated the victory by dancing and singing with the fans. And countless people of Qatar witnessed that beautiful moment.

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Morocco set a World Cup precedent by beating Spain 3-0 in a tiebreaker on Tuesday. Even if you can’t do Asia, you have shown Africa. The hero of this match is Yassin Bouno, he saved a penalty for Morocco. 36 years ago today, Morocco lost to Germany in the 85th minute in Mexico City. And today, 36 years ago, Tikitaka was stunned on the stage of the World Cup.

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