Fifa World Cup: The King of Saudi Arabia gave a Rolls Royce car to every football player

All footballers in Saudi Arabia have reaped the rewards of their hard work. This is what their team’s coach, French coach Renard, believes. Wednesday was declared a national holiday in Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proposed to King Salman to declare a national holiday after the victory against Argentina. The king agreed to the proposal. The strike was announced in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. All public and private institutions, offices, and schools were closed that day.

Following Saudi Arabia’s victory, a joyous festival began in that country. Many people came out on the road with public cars to enjoy themselves. The car had a Saudi flag. They are seen celebrating by lighting firecrackers, dancing, and singing. A huge crowd in the streets is a reminder of how important it is for them to beat a team like Argentina.
Prince Mohammed bin Salman has decided to give a gift to every footballer who wins the match against Argentina. Each player will be given a Rolls-Royce Phantom car. Saudi footballers have credited their team’s coach, Harvey Renard, for their win against Argentina. Saudi midfielder Abdullah Al-Malki said, “Before the match, the coach called us all together, and he encouraged us all to give 200 percent for the country.”

Coach tells us his story of how we got here through so much hardship. Hearing the words brought tears to each of our eyes, and we cried. These words motivate us more. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is going to face Poland in their second match in the World Cup on Saturday. In their first match against Mexico, Poland fell into a trap. Robert Lewandowski, one of the best strikers in the world, could not do much.

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Today, the Saudis feel that the victory against Argentina is doing a great job of oxygenating them. And with the way the Asian teams are surprising everyone in this World Cup, footballers are hopeful and ready that the Saudis can beat Poland this afternoon.

Not just a Rolls Royce car, but a bigger gift awaits every footballer if they advance to the World Cup and play better, say those close to the King of Saudi Arabia.

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