Former WWE Marketing Manager Michelle Donelan Reappointed UK Culture Secretary


Former WWE marketing manager Michelle Donelan has been reappointed UK Culture Secretary, with responsibility for the future of the BBC and Channel 4.

Donelan has in the past few minutes headed into new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s 10 Downing Street home, where she was quickly re-given the job she has held for the past few weeks under Liz Truss’ leadership. Truss resigned in disgrace last week and was officially replaced by Sunak today, who promised he will “unite the country with actions not words.”

Donelan has been an MP since 2015 and was an Education Minister before being briefly promoted to Education Secretary by former PM Boris Johnson amidst a wave of resignations in July, resigning just two days later to make her the shortest serving cabinet member in British history. She used to work in marketing and had a stint in the U.S. with World Wrestling Entertainment. Past employers include Marie Claire magazine.

Under Truss’ leadership, Donelan didn’t speak publicly much other than to wish the BBC well on the broadcaster’s 100th birthday last week. The license fee sceptic has, however, called for the “unfair” funding model to be scrapped, and a decision over its future could be made over the coming year following a long-delayed review.

All eyes within the halls of the BBC and Channel 4, which is due to be privatized, will be trained on her next move. New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, who runs the country’s finances, has previously come out in favour of public broadcasting and criticized the sale of Channel 4 earlier this year.

Donelan’s predecessor Nadine Dorries, widely regarded as an enemy of public broadcasting, was last week accused of “traducing the reputation of Channel 4” by an influential parliamentary committee report after she claimed a reality show she took part in had used actors instead of real people.


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