HBO’s ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ & Searchlight’s ‘Suncoast’ “On Hold” As Hurricane Ian Nears South Carolina


Production on HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones and Searchlight’s Suncoast, which have been filming in Charleston, have shut down as Hurricane Ian nears the South Carolina coast after devastating a large swath of Gulf Coast Florida.

The storm, which has been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to make landfall Friday afternoon.

“Both are on hold today,” Dan Rogers, project manager for the South Carolina Film Commission, told Deadline. “They said they expect to pick up on Monday, but everyone’s kind of in a wait-and-see mode right now. Because Charleston is so low-lying, you’re dealing with a lot of water issues. So we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of rainfall we get. We’ve been scouting for a few other things, but coastal stuff is on hold right now. Once this weekend is over, we’ll see what we come up with.”

The Righteous Gemstones, now is shooting its third season, stars Danny McBride, John Goodman and Edi Patterson. Suncoast, with Laura Chinn making her directorial debut, stars Woody Harrelson, Laura Linney and Nico Parker.

Earlier this week, as the hurricane made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast and passed through the state, movie theaters throughout Tampa, Orlando, the Panhandle and elsewhere closed, and resorts including Walt Disney World and Universal Resort Orlando shut down and announced plans for phased re-openings.


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