Jamie Hayter Broke Her Nose At AEW Battle Of The Belts 3

AEW’s Battle of the Belts came back for a 3rd outing this weekend. The show was introduced at the flip of the year as a part of AEW’s TV organization. a similar shake-up that saw Dynamite for a good move from explosive compound to TBS. As has been the case within the 1st 2 events, the 60-minute show featured 3 matches, all of that had titles on the road.

Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa

One of those 3 matches was AN AEW Women’s Title defense from Thunder Rosa. The second time she has placed her title on the road in but the period of time. A welcome sight for fans when Rosa went a whole month while not putting the gold on the road when a somewhat lackluster match was at our Door.
At Battle of the Belts, the girl making an attempt to divest Rosa was Jamie Hayter. Hayter had earned her shot at the Women’s Champion by memorizing the pin in a very tag match on Dynamite on. a reasonably nice tag match because it goes, and also the bout between Rosa and Hayter followed suit. A terrific match between the 2 on Saturday night, however, it’d be the last we have a tendency to see of Hayter within the ring for a brief whereas.

Jamie Hayter Breaks Her Nose

That’s as a result, as 1st highlighted by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Hayter suffered a broken nose during the match. Since there was no blood when she suffered the injury, the instant it happened is trickier than usual to pinpoint. It looks to possess happened when Hayter hit a Brainbuster on Rosa because the champ’s knee hit the competitor within the face on the approach down. Hayter might be seen clutching her face at once afterward.
While there wasn’t any blood, Hayter’s nose was perceived to be knocked out of joint when the move. virtually to the extent as that point, it happened to John Cena, however in all probability still pretty painful. No word nevertheless on whether or not Hayter can have to be compelled to miss any time with the injury. Tony Khan is going to be hoping that is not the case as AEW’s injury list is already a really long one and everyone Out is a smaller amount than a month away.

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