“Proud daddy of the Boston Celtics”: Steph Curry roasts Celtics, Grant Williams at ESPYs

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions and can basically express what they might be thinking. Steph Curry made the most of that extravagance Wednesday night when he facilitated the ESPYs, utilizing the amazing chance to broil the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics were targeted even before the yearly entertainment pageant started, with the Warriors whiz and four-time NBA winner making fun of the Boston establishment in a promotion for the show.

In the clasp, Curry presented himself as the “Pleased spouse of Ayesha Curry, the glad child of Dell Curry, and the glad daddy of the Boston Celtics.”

Curry’s sneer on that last line truly turned the blade for Boston fans.
If by some stroke of good luck he were finished. Curry kept on raising the Celtics in his initial speech, playing to the Los Angeles swarm.

“You’re never surely moving toward down here how an L.A. swarm will feel about you, however at that point I recollected that we just beat the Celtics,” said Curry, which was met by praise. “There’s nothing L.A. cherishes more than beating the Celtics, so we as a whole are in the same boat.”

A brief time frame later, Curry saw Grant Williams in the group and locked his affront rockets on the Celtics save large man. Williams has been really candid since the Celtics tumbled to the Warriors in six games, and during an appearance on “The Long Shot” digital broadcast with Duncan Robinson on Wednesday, he certainly declared that the Celtics were the better group in the Finals.
That remark clearly grabbed the eye of Curry, and he utilized his ESPYs stage to broil Williams.

“Award Williams, I see you in the structure. It’s perfect to see you once more, my man. I realize you like this tone, I’ll allow you to get it after I’m finished,” said Curry, who was wearing a pleasant mint green suit.

“I could attempt to permit you to wear a ring,” Curry added. We’ll see.”

Oof. Sadly, the Celtics need to pause for a minute and take this rubbish talk.

Yet, you want to accept that everything being said about the group this late spring is advancing toward a release board inside the Boston storage space.

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