R. Kelly is sentenced to 30 years in prison

 The shamed R&B star R. Kelly was condemned Wednesday to 30 years in jail.

 He was condemned in New York by government Judge Ann Donnelly

 who talked for a long time prior to giving the sentence.

 At a certain point, she cited a casualty influence explanation from a lady referred to in court as Stephanie, who told Kelly, “

 “No cost was excessively high for another person to pay for your bliss.”

 This case isn’t about sex,” the appointed authority said. “It is about brutality, remorselessness, and control.”

 Donnelly recognized focuses made by protection, including that Kelly got through a truly challenging youth,

 with sexual maltreatment because of his sister and a property manager. Nonetheless, she added,

 You are an individual who enjoyed extraordinary benefits — overall popularity and big name, untold cash.