Zhou Guanyu's car flips over tire barrier in huge F1 crash

 The British Grand Prix was suspended before the finish of the main lap after two colossal crashes including various drivers 

 on the pit straight brought about Zhou Guanyu's Alfa Romeo winding up on some unacceptable side of the tire boundaries at Turn 1.

 Crisis teams quickly participated, with Zhou and Williams driver Alex Albon being taken to the clinical focus

  Both were gotten free from significant wounds and let out of Coventry Hospital after preparatory checks.

 A replay showed Pierre Gasly being squeezed between George Russell on one side and Zhou on the other

 with contact between Gasly and Russell pitching their Mercedes of Russell into Zhou's Alfa Romeo.

 The energy of the subsequent effect moved Zhou's vehicle,

 sending it topsy turvy through the run-off region before it barrel-turned over the hindrances,

 just to become by the catch wall before a show-off.