We’re still not sure if Armie Hammer is actually selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands

A legal counselor for the best entertainer said he “can’t verify or refute” whether Hammer is working at a retreat in the Caribbean.
The situation starts to get interesting.

Since a viral tweet last week, bits of gossip have whirled that troubled entertainer Armie Hammer may be working at a retreat lodging in the Cayman Islands. What’s more, notwithstanding on-the-record refusals from the inn being referred to, the tales haven’t been settled at this point, because of photographs that seem to show Hammer at work and reports that the inn has been covering for him.

With an end goal to get some clarity, EW contacted Hammer’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, on Wednesday to find out if the Death on the Nile and Call Me by Your Name star is as a matter of fact selling co-ops in the Caribbean.

“I can’t verify or refute it on the grounds that Armie hasn’t tended to it,” Brettler said in an email. “I simply believe it’s s- – – y that, in the event that he is selling co-ops, the media is disgracing him for having ‘ordinary work.’ What’s the story here?”

That is the very thing we as a whole are attempting to sort out.
The adventure started July 6 when Muna Mire, a maker for Desus and Mero, tweeted a flier from the Morritt’s retreat on Grand Cayman demonstrating that Hammer was working there as an attendant. (The tweet has since been erased.) Shortly later, staff denied to EW and different outlets that Hammer was working there, and said the entire situation was a trick. “You can’t pay for this exposure,” a Morritt’s worker joked to EW.

The story was additionally confounded when TMZ distributed photographs seeming to show Hammer filling in as a co-op sales rep. However, the retreat kept up with that the photographs were really of Hammer visiting the foundation’s office. Chris Butcher, head of deals at Morritt’s, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that Hammer wasn’t a worker yet hits the fairway with an individual from the staff who invited him to “come and see what we do.”.”

After two days, Variety detailed that Hammer is to be sure working for Morritt’s selling co-ops, referring to a mysterious source who said the lodging has been covering for him.
“He is working at the retreat and selling co-ops. He is working at a workspace,” the source said. “Actually he’s completely down and out, and is attempting to fill the days and bring in cash to help his loved ones.”

At the point when EW reached the lodging Wednesday night looking for input, a worker said all administrative staff had left for the afternoon.

Hammer transgressed last year subsequent to becoming overwhelmed by a virtual entertainment outrage and being blamed for rape. He referred to the web-based entertainment discussion as “bulls- – – ” and completely denied the rape charges.

Disavowals regardless, Hammer was dropped by his organization and marketing expert and left a few screen projects he had arranged, including the film Shotgun Wedding, the TV series The Offer, and the Broadway show The Minutes. The last time Hammer was seen on screen was in Death on the Nile, which was recorded in 2019 and lastly delivered in February.

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