Neymar Health Update: With ankle pain, fever, and headache, Brazil is worried about Neymar’s health

Neymar is using NASA technology to heal his leg injury, as he stated on social media, but while doing so, he became sicker. In the current news, he has a fever (Neymar suffers from a fever). Wonder Kid’s body is still not very good. Neymar suffered a terrible ankle injury while playing against Serbia in the first match of the World Cup. Happened that he could not come to the field in the second match, so Neymar had to sit in the hotel room with a swollen ankle and watch the game alone, excluding the team. Brazil thought they would rest Neymar for two matches and plan to play Neymar in the knockout stages if he recovers. In fact, Tite is well aware that the wonder kid will be needed to win the knockout match. However, Neymar’s fever is raising concerns in Brazil. The treatment is still ongoing, and the doctors could not say anything about when Neymar will return to the field to fully recover.

It is known that Neymar’s ankle pain has not subsided, and his body is not well at all. The Brazilian footballer is suffering from an unbearable headache along with a fever. Neymar is not feeling well and has been reported to have a fever by teammate Vinicius Jr. He said that Neymar cannot go out, he is in the hotel room. All the fans, along with the team, are praying for his speedy recovery. And in this situation, there is uncertainty about whether Neymar will be able to play at all in the knockout match of the World Cup.

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Brazil played the first match against Serbia and won the match 2-0. Neymar suffered a terrible injury in that match. The team informed him that he would not be able to play for the team in the match between Switzerland and Brazil. Neymar watched the game against Brazil in the second match of the World Cup sitting in the hotel because of the pain in his leg. Recently, Neymar himself informed fans on social media that he is doing very well now. Now he is walking in a kind of boot made with special technology. He said that this boot was made by NASA. In all these news, when the news of his fever came to the fore, the fans of Brazil and Neymar naturally got worried.

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